Cathleen McFarlane
 Foundation, Inc.

"To make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate,

especially those suffering from homelessness and addiction"


The Trustees follow specific criteria for funding requests as directed by Mrs. Ross in her will,

“…apply entire net income and discretionary principal distributions therefrom exclusively

for the care and benefit of homeless people and homeless animals as well as support of addiction rehabilitation facilities which also serve individuals who are unable to pay for the services rendered by these facilities..."

Our Objectives

The Trustees prefer to make contributions to Palm Beach County organizations. Addiction, homless people and homeless animal facilities that are recipients of funding are occasionally in other parts of the country. Funding requests for specific projects- that are measurable, finite and fall within our guidelines- are favorably considered.  The Trustees generally will not fund capital campaigns for buildings and physical facilities. Periodic reports are expected on the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the contributions made to the organization.

All organizations requesting donations will be thoroughly vetted to ensure that they

meet the Foundation's criteria and that they are properly organized

and have a Board in full support of their directives.

Our Board reviews all requests for funding that fall within our guidelines